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It is now possible to personalize your ornament by having the name of the animal and/or the name of the person who will receive the ornament written down!


We will do the inscription by hand using a pyrograph. We will adapt the location and format of the name(s) depending on their length and the location of the magnet, if you have chosen to have a magnet added to your ornament(s). (To add a magnet, choose the option in your item selection)


N.B.: $5 for 1 pyrography for 1 ornament.

Make sure you have in the basket the same quantity of pyrography as the quantity of ornaments you want to personalize. Ex: You can get 3 ornaments, but choose only to personalized 2 of them. Accordingly, make sure you get 2 "pyrography item" in the basket and to PRECISELY describe, in the box provided for this purpose, which ornaments are to be personalized and with which names.


N.B.: Maximum of 2 names to be engraved on the back of each ornament. If you wish to have a composed first name engraved, the use of shorter nicknames is preferable, to ensure that we have enough space to write them legibly on the back. Because some ornaments are narrower than others. Example: Jean-Philippe = JP, Marie-Michelle = M-Michelle, Georges-Henry = Dad


N.B. Be sure to check the spelling of the name(s) to be engraved.


N.B.: Applicable to the "Companion" collection only (dogs, cats, farm animals).

Personalized pyrography on the back (see description)

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